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I am a vegetarian nature loving prospector of peace that practices as much present moment awareness as possible in this rushing world where everyone is looking for self identity and happiness outside of themselves.. I am a musician and a songwriter with a passion for helping hurting people heal or just be comforted by being understood. I'm a big Advocate and promoter of self-empowerment through spiritual practice proper nutrition and physical fitness as it is the only true power. Faith in action

What I am looking for

I'm looking for a vegetarian woman who loves and accepts herself or at least sees the need and has made progress and is still taking steps and who would be interested in a spiritual partnership. One who loves outdoor adventure doesn't mind sweating or getting dirty.. someone who is an open book transparent kind compassionate not critical of others too much... of course that comes with self-acceptance knowing who you really are... one who finds joy in helping others and is not primarily self-seeking... preferably one who practices meditation on a regular basis which would mean they can be still quiet their mind.. someone who can talk about what's going on inside of them I guess someone who is very self-aware in the sense of emotional intelligence and being able to express themselves... one who can communicate and listen when problems arise.. basically a mature spiritually minded woman who is interested in a true partnership