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Hi, I am a professional financial consultant, who is looking for a life partner. I still hope to find a lady who would like a real relationship. No one is perfect and living with a perfect person would be horrible. Two people need to be willing to share life's good times and trials together. I was married once and have a grown son living in San Diego (La Jolla), so I have an empty nest at this time.

If you read my description, you will probably notice that I can actually spell and form a complete thought. I will read your profile and look for common traits.

I am doing well financially, my home is paid off, and I can live comfortably. As a result of having a professional career, I like to spend time off outdoors or just relaxing with good people. I work with wealthy clients, who often may not appear to be wealthy on the surface. It is important to be sociable and friendly with everyone.

I belong to several business groups and civic clubs. Community service has always been a part of my life. Planting trees, giving underprivileged a Christmas, working with a zoo, business boards, and being an influence in the community are examples of the volunteer activities that are good for my soul.

A woman that will make me happy need not be rich or a model, just kind and sincere. I hate people that lie to me or spend their lives making trouble for others. This is the main reason that I am still looking for a partner. I need a person that can support me at social events. The ability to make pleasant small talk and be friendly is critical. Telling a story, making a joke occasionally, and listening attentively can open many doors. I need a person comfortable enough go from the beach to a business dinner without much fuss.

I have pretty easy going personality, a result of striving for a balance between career and personal needs. This balance is important for optimum performance as a professional.

I hope this gives you a decent picture.

What I am looking for

I am looking for a lady to be a life partner.