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Welll...... my name is aldijana and my friends call me anna. bec some off them cant pronounce my real name. but i still love them with all my heart i would do anything for them. and well i am single i dont have a man. and i am lookin for them right one. bec one time i thought i did find the rght one. and i thought wrong, bec he played me like idk. but ya. i am just lookin for the right guy. that will love me for me. and not just for sex. i want him to look me in the eyes and tell me how he feels about me. so ya. hope i will fine one on here.. love yall... always and for ever.
HighSchool: South Gwinnett High School
Music: rock. and sometimes .
Movies: save the last dance and honey. and a walk to remember.
WhatImInto: hangin out with friends.
MyBestFeatures: my Lips
MyDreams: i would love to become a Police Officer.

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